Tuesday, 8 January 2013

FLIPPING FACEBOOK & some sensual photos

Good afternoon,

I am actually sat at my desk banging down my fingers so hard on the keyboard that the keys are flying off.  Why? FACEBOOK.  I am banned for ANOTHER 30 days, so i have packed up my suitcases and shipped them over to twitter, you can find my through Camilla-rose Helley or neonstarlet (please bare in mind i'm just a beginner and only learned the word retweet about five minutes ago).

Anyhoo, as i drink my green tea and take the various stages back down to Calm Camilla (the one without skittles & redbull) I have gathered a few images to post from my shoot with Adam Robertson last year - sounds so far away.  I do actually have three different sets to share with yo, but because i am such a tease i thought it would be appropriate to spread them over separate blogs.  Thinking about the traffic, right Adam? ;)

Over and out

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