Thursday, 17 January 2013

Most from one weekend!

Hello :)

Most of the snaps i have for you today are actually from one day, which was at Eye for an Image.We hired an MUA who was an absolute delight to work with, and incredibly talented so a shout out to all the Coventry based photographers searching for a local MUA contact Gemma Louise, she produces very fast quality work.

The first batch are from John Kent, who i have had the pleasure working with for a couple of times now, fast edited images and i'm pretty proud of them.  John tried to go for the four seasons (minus boring spring) so here we have Winter, Summer and Autumn. There may be more images coming your way from these series as John is hoping to edit some funky scenes onto them :)


These little beauties are from a first time photographer - would you believe it!? Mark Graham has not been in this industry for very long, came along to the studio with great ideas and did a pretty damn good job in executing them! I certainly hope we get to work together again  keep a look out for his updated stuff.

This little cretin is from the back end of last year by DaveT:

These are from an ongoing series called The Perfect Wife by Engaging Portraits, i imagine there will be a few more of these to share with you :)

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