Monday, 25 November 2013

A wonderful wig, and some leathers

A week or so ago i was lucky enough to work with Phil Nicholls at Eye for an Image studios, and it was so much fun! He arrived with two trip loads of awesome clothing and wigs which i instantly tried on and became as excited as i do on skittles.

We started with my favourite wig, and tried out some funky lighting to see what happened, then spiced it up with a STUNNING leather corset with spikes and studs, which i am allowed to keep until January so if you want to shoot me in it (and trust me, you want to shoot me in it) then get in touch asap -  Afterwards we moved onto some nudes, and then some bendy hanging fun on a pole.  unfortunately, i didn't get time to wear all of the wigs, nor all of the many clothes Phil brought, but i was thrilled to model out the outfits i threw on!

Phil is a really great guy, the 6 hours didn't feel like work at all, and I rarely get so excited to see back-of-the-camera results before.  I definitely recommend him and I am thrilled with the images that have been set through.

Hope you enjoy:

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