Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Too. Much. Sugar.


Firstly i must apologise for my gip-giddigy blog post as i have just consumed a whole pack of strawberry fizzy laces in one mouthful and my fingers are all drunk! I wish they had cola ones though, i bloody love cola flavoured sweets.

Aaanyway, moving on..I have some pretty darn lovely images to share from a shoot with Jakub down in Leicester (Solo Studio) We had three hours, and it was a real mix of some vintage stuff, ripped jeans and art nudies, i also believe there are more to come yip yippy yeay!!! Jakub is so great to work with, whether it's on location or in a studio, fantastic ideas and a real hoot! I would easily recommend him to a model of any calibre!

I sure hope you like them!

Oh, before i forget i will be at Solo Studios shooting with the lovely Jakub again on the 9th December, and thought it would be a good idea to knock heads with the studio owner, come up with an awesome hourly rate for the rest of the day and so from 1pm until like 7pm (don't have to book the entire slot, but the minimum booking is 2 hours) it's all inclusive for £50ph!! How good is that! It's a great studio, fully equipped with heating and priorities are set in stone..oh and it has a load of lights, big white blocks i love to roll around on, and other props!

If you're interested in booking some time in on this day, and take advantage of not having to pay my rates plus expenses to come to Leicester then budge over some room and gerrit booked

Now i am going to run up and down the stairs a few times..

Take it away, Jakub:

Over & Out

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