Wednesday, 17 April 2013

A bit of fashion boob

A great team which featured Adam Robertson, Georgie Harris and myself got together for a day full of make up and hair madness! We worked out way through a number of clothed (yes, seriously) sets which i will be sharing in due course, but thought it would only be wrong if i didn't flash a nipple or bum cheek at some point! 
In which case, Georgie titivated my hair, i grabbed a fur and we were off! Georgie is one of the most talented Make up artists i have worked with, we must have been through over 5 different looks in that day with changes to the hair too - if i recall correctly i spent 90% of this shoot laughing.

Adam is always a total pleasure to work with, and i get very excited when an email full of attachments comes in.  There is no doubt we'll be working together again!

Hope you guys like the pictures :)


Over & out

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