Saturday, 27 April 2013

Luscious lingerie in London

A few weeks ago I popped down to London to work with Rob, One Image, and it was so much fun! I was a little early, so we popped into Ann Summers, which is just around the corner (and had a sale, so it's almost illegal to not go in - right?) saw some gorgeous sets of lingerie, one which would have been excellent for what Rob had in mind so the little angel got it! This set is featured in the first couple of images.

We were shooting in Rob's studio, which had an abundance of natural light, all of these shots were without studio lights and only using a reflector to fill in the cracks. We also did some videos, which was a lot of fun (despite occasional cringing at my dancing-between-set-ups that were caught on film) as it happens, the running man isn't as classy as i once thought...

Hope you enjoy the images!

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