Thursday, 4 April 2013

John, and his many cameras

You'll remember if you have shot with John Duder because he usually has three cameras hanging down from his neck, plus his spares somewhere close by. I have had the pleasure of working with John in a few different settings, a beautiful mansion, his home studio and the following set are from my studio snake day at Eye for an Image Studios.

Just going to take a short minute to do some shameless promoting on John's blog slot, to let you cool kids know there is another studio day (with snakes) coming up with only 4 more slots left - check out THIS LINK for the full deets.

These images were taken on one of Johns many film cameras, and so with the slippery little critters moving around so much it truly was hit and miss. I am thrilled with some of the shots John has selected.

Hope you like them too!

Over & out

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